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WagneRex Cornish Rex Cattery
Ethical Breeding & Transparency
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Recently adopted kittens:

Our Little Phoebe Angel
Here (and below) are some of our "girls"..


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Welcome We would like to tell you of ourselves and our family of cats and invite you to enter each page and share our love and adventure with a most delightful breed of cat, Cornish Rex. On our pages you will see some of the kittens and cats that we have raised over the years. Some have become the star of their home while others decided to first be the star of the show ring. So you can understand how we decided who would be show versus pet quality let me explain the difference this way: Sometimes - it's just the color or sex of the cat! In other words... our cats are bred to be the finest Cornish Rex cats, in quality and personality!

It's not unusual for us to sell the finest kitten in the litter to a pet home as we will proudly boast...they are all fine kittens!!

Norel ARMANI of Mykro

Photo taken by Marta Gorczyca of Norel
To view his pedigree just click on this photo.
When we are first called or emailed inquiring if kittens or cats are available
the most asked question is,
"Do you have pets available as we aren't interested in showing?"

For those interested in exhibiting their cats or kittens you can obtain show information from CFA by clicking on either the CFA or Southern Region link above. There are many shows put on annually all over the world or go to the CFA link above/left for additional listings.
What Makes a Cornish Rex So Special??



MORE INFORMATION AND MORE PHOTOS COMING...Updated site October 15, 2020....

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